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How to Add Images to an Article/Forum Post

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Translation Note: The Anglais version of this content is being displayed because the Français translation is unavailable.

See attached PDF for more guided and pictorial help.

  1. Select the place where you would like to add a picture. Click the image icon in the body menu (when you hover the mouse over it, it mentions “Insert/Edit image”).
  2. A: Link to external image:
    The “Image Properties” menu pops up. If you wish, you can type the direct web address of the image in the “Image URL” bar, for example http://linkto/picture.
    This is the quickest way to add images and only works if the picture is on an Internet site already, and if this site allows direct linking. There is, however, a better method, which copies the image from your own computer to the Guild of Messengers server directly.
    B: Select image from the server:
    Everybody who has an account on the Guild of Messengers website automatically has a personal folder to store files and pictures, and access to a shared image folder.
    Click on the little “Browse Server” button beside “URL” on the right.
    Another screen will pop up, which shows your own personal folder and the files you uploaded. Check if the correct image is selected, and then click “Send to FCKEditor”.
    If no pictures are present then refer to the next step to add an image to your personal folder.
    C: Upload new image to the server:
    In the “Image Properties” menu click “Browse Server”. A file menu opens. Click “Upload” to expand the functions.  
    Click on “Browse”, select the image from your computer. Click the Blue highlighted “Upload” button. Once uploaded click “Send to FCKEditor”.
  3. Image properties:
    Optionally, you can change standard image properties such as the description under
    “Alternative Text”, the horizontal and vertical space between image and text, display size or the alignment.
    Click “OK” to add the picture.
  4. Image added: The image is added to the article. You can now type the rest of the article, or add another image.


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